The Hypnos Collections

Hypnos Sale Prices on the Entire Collection
Hypnos Sale Prices on the Entire Collection

2 Free Drawers

This Winter Hypnos are offering 2 FREE Drawers their double divan sets or bigger. 4 drawer divan set the price of a 2 drawer divan or a 2 drawer divan for the price of a non drawer divan.

Offer available from 26th December until 26th February 2024.

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Sleep Tips

Sublime Comfort

Comfort and support is at the core of each and every bed Hypnos make. Wake up happy on a Hypnos

Made in Britain

Handmade in Britain

Hypnos has become a benchmark for extraordinary and lasting British workmanship and design

Sustainable Innovation

Sleep Sustainably

Only the finest natural and sustainable materials are used to handcraft each piece in the Hypnos collection

Sublime Comfort Levels

Ideal Comfort Levels

Choose from five different dreamy comfort levels, each unique in creating a comfortable sleeping experience

Build your dream Hypnos product

Hypnos belgravia supreme super king size firm edge divan set £2,999
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2 Size:  super king size firm edge divan set Show all

The Hypnos Range

Each and every bespoke bed has been meticulously hand built to bring you comfort, relaxation and pleasure. We are sure you will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed.

Handmade in Buckinghamshire, every Hypnos mattress includes blends of sustainable and natural fillings, alongside their intelligent pocket spring system. 

Every design detail has been carefully considered, providing an array of classic and contemporary styles, from deep-buttoned and hand-pleated headboards to curved and elegantly formed shapes.


Creating Comfort Since 1904

Hypnos are renowned for their passion and talent in creating the finest and most comfortable beds and mattresses. By combining traditional craftmanship skills and implementing constant innovation and using sustainable methods and natural materials, Hypnos has built a fantastic reputation for creating the most comfortable beds in the world since 1904.

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True British Craftmanship

Hypnos' master craftsmen continue to use traditional and time-honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1904, Hypnos have created a fantastic collection of authentic pieces of Great British Furniture - a sublime expression of extraordinary and lasting British workmanship.

True British Craftmanship

Exceptional Details

Hypnos and their master craftsmen use blends of natural and sustainable materials alongside their intelligent pocket spring system. Hand crafted to perfection, each Hypnos bed design offers a different level of comfort and support to suit a variety of needs. Every Hypnos bed is meticulously hand built by true craftsmen and women to bring you comfort, relaxation and pleasure. We are sure you will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed, from luxuriously sumptuous beds and firmer beds that care for your back, to truly bespoke beds, Hypnos have it all.

Hypnos Details
Hypnos Its All In The Details

Why Buy Hypnos

Responsibly Sourced Materials

Responsibly Sourced Materials

Premium Fillings

Premium Fillings

Sheep Wool

Sheep Wool

Never Beaten On Price

Never Beaten On Price