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Measuretape Buying Guide

The first thing we recommend is to measure where your new sofa will be, map the area using newspaper or tape, check you can move around your room, open doors and use your space as intended. Think about access to your home, measure your hallway and door frames to ensure your new sofa will fit. For more information see our measuring guide (link) or ask our staff in store for help.

Most of our sofas come in several different sizes, whether you want a three seater, two seater, snuggler or armchair there are a variety of options to suit your living space.

Upholstery - fabric or leather?

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If you love the feel of fabric and want plenty of colours to choose from, a fabric sofa may be for you. Fabric sofas usually offer you a bigger range of colour and pattern options and can give your room a softer feel. 

Sofas for everyday use that are to withstand a lot of love from kids, pets and your family life need a durable fabric.

A sofa with removable covers that can be easily cleaned keeps your sofa looking like new, it also gives you the option of changing and updating your covers to suit your mood.

Take advantage of our free fabric sample service on some of our ranges, you can order sample swatches to your door to gain a feel for the fabric and see what will suit your home. 


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Like the look of leather?

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A popular choice, stylish, timeless and it has a number of benefits:

Leather is resilient and robust, it adds character with age and when looked after properly it will last for generations. Standing up to wear and tear well, leather is hardwearing and low maintenance and can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth making it perfect for family life.

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Corner Groups and Chaise Sofas

Modular and Corner sofas are adaptable, they can make a statement in an open plan setting or work great in a snug corner.

Most of our corner groups are available with many separate components to create a combination to suit your living space.

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Design - what style of sofa?

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Arms - If space is tight, choose a sofa with slender arms to help maximize your seating space 

Legs - Space beneath your sofa can create the impression of more room space so consider a sofa on legs.

Low back vs high back - A low back sofa can be ideal if you want it to sit under a window. If you are looking for back and neck support a high back sofa would be more comfortable and offer a more supportive sit. Consider the seat height and depth, check it is comfortable and feels right for you. Consider the seat height and depth, check it is comfortable and feels right.

Other options are ventional cushion back or scatter back or if space is restricted a more compact sofa maybe more suitable.

Colour - statement or subtle? If you want your sofa to be the focal point of your living room, a bold, eye-catching colour can really bring a room to life. If you want your sofa to blend into your room, subtle neutral tones suit most colour schemes and will allow you to accent and have an easy revamp with new scatter cushions or a throw.


Sublime Comfort Levels

Think about how you would like your new sofa to look and feel, do you want to sink in or sit up straight? Remember different types of fillings offer different levels of support and maintenance: 

Foam: Foam gives your sofa a bouncy, firm feel and provides supportive comfort. Offering a tailored look and retaining the sofa shape. Offering the least maintenance it’s great if you don’t have time for plumping up seating. 

Fibre: A popular choice, fibre filled seating requires only the occasional plumping; it is not as firm as foam and not as soft and relaxed as feather.  

 Feather filled cushions will have a relaxed look and a softer sit, feather filled is luxuriously soft and comfortable but does require regular plumping.


Remember you can add finishing touches and personalise with scatter cushions and throws. Scatter cushions and throws can be used to accent or add colour and you can change them with the seasons or your mood.

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So are you ready to shop?